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Hydraulic quick control regulator

Product overview

For any pressure measurement, pressure measurement requires a pressure source and a pressure controller. The pressure source is relatively simple. Users can choose zhktek pressure pump or other pressure pumps as the pressure source. The key part of providing pressure source is pressure controller, because the required stable pressure can be obtained only through high-performance pressure controller / regulator. Zhktek high pressure liquid controller verification device provides a good choice for high pressure hydraulic adjustment output calibration and test.


Product features


Control the liquid to generate high-pressure liquid pressure by using gas as the power source

The built-in electric preloading pump generates the initial pressure

Generate liquid pressure according to pdvv power gas principle

The maximum output liquid pressure can be set through external gas

The output liquid pressure range is (0-70) MPa and (0-110) MPa

Two models, good coverage of pressure range

It can meet the needs of high-pressure liquid calibration and measurement.

It can cover 70m or even 110m high-pressure liquid, which is an ideal solution for precision controlled pressure applications.

Ergonomic design, precision process manufacturing, light operation and flexible control

The ergonomic design is specially considered in the design, which has compact structure and convenient operation. All knobs, buttons, etc. are clear at a glance. Pressure regulation is simple and convenient.

Its simple and reliable manual operation, similar to automation, is very convenient. Button type pressure fine adjustment can complete smooth pressure adjustment.

Connect the external air source (0-1.6mpa), output the built-in controllable pdvv power gas through constant value adjustment, and indicate the size of the pressure source through the pressure gauge.

Adjust the pressure to the required high-pressure liquid pressure through the coarse adjustment knob, and the output of the pressure source regulator is sent to the high-pressure hydraulic valve to generate high-pressure liquid pressure.

The control valve is a specially designed metering valve, which works in half turn and will not be over tightened. Fine tuning is realized by variable current control based on piston.

The converter switch is pneumatically excited through a pneumatic membrane. Push button intake and exhaust valves adjust the air pressure on the diaphragm, fine tune and quickly move the piston if necessary. Thus, the limitation of physical strength and "stroke dead point" on the traditional screw press is broken.

Can cooperate with various pressure measuring or measuring instruments to complete pressure test or pressure calibration. It is an ideal solution for applications requiring high pressure generation and precision pressure control.

A complete pressure test and calibration system is composed of external air source, verification device of high-pressure liquid controller and pressure instrument connection calibration bench.

Integrated compact structure, safe and reliable, durable and long service life.



ZHKK-2460-10000 can provide 70MPa (10000psi)


ZHK-2460-16000 can provide 110MPa (16000psi).



Technical indicators


Basic parameters Technical description


Pressure range 0 ~ 110MPa(16000psi)0 ~ 70MPa(10000psi)


Working medium Any non corrosive gas


Test interface M10X1


Power air source interface M10X1


Pdvv displacement (full stroke) 2 cc(0.12 cu in)


Weight (approx.) 24kG


Overall dimension 300mm wide × 535mm deep × 215mm high

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